Map Set 5 (dog tags)

Humans are a fairly homogenous species with any two people being 99.9 percent genetically identical.  The DNA sequence contained in these tags is one that is shared by all people.  Amplified from my own DNA, this sequence references the 99.9 percent of me that is like every other human.  At the same time it references only me, as my DNA, even at the level of 0.1 percent, is still specific only to me.

By placing my DNA on military dog tags, I have identified myself as a soldier, a soldier linked to all other soldiers as a human is genetically linked to all other humans. There are no nationalities written on these tags, no religious beliefs, just people.  They present an understanding of identity that is both constructed and deconstructed.  Map Set 5 distills my identity down to a point that is just large enough to include everyone else.

– Tammy Renee Brackett