The End

The End
Video, 5:20, 2008.

My first experience with science was via educational filmstrips in school, those 70’s one frame at a time filmstrips where you’d play a cassette tape along with the film strip and there would be beeps to tell you when to go to the next frame. In the work we see a repeated filmstrip made of all of the “THE END” frames from my collection of old educational science filmstrips.

What became clear to me as I viewed these filmstrips was that they all seemed to predict that the world was changing, or that people were changing the world, and that we need to pay attention or it will really be the end of the world.

The sound is taken from the cassette tapes that accompany the filmstrips, I primarily used the musical interludes – mood music for scientific learning. Learning from filmstrips set us up from the beginning to learn from forms of media.

This work was published in The Journal of Short Film, Ohio State University Film Studies Program. Columbus: 2011.

The End from TR Brackett / Tillmore Studio on Vimeo.